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The Great Mansion Gate

Beijing | Beijing, China


Wu Yue, Huang Wei


In history, the siheyuan in Beijing represents the life of whole family. The courtyard is the essential and spirit space for life. However, in the situation of Baitasi, the siheyuan no longer exists. The population inflates and the different-household non blood related descents live together, while the previous spirit space, the courtyard is infilled with everyday life, which loses its original quality.Therefore, how to revoke the previous spiritual life becomes our topic under contemporary people’s rapid speed, strange and complicated circumstance.


24 Courtyards

Beijing | Beijing, China


Wu Yue, Gan Lu


The design tries to put 24 different courtyards in the site under the preconditions of maintaining the site relationship and the preservation of existed brick walls. The design uses new inserted mezzanine to enrich the spatial function, uses steel structures to suggest the removed illegal constructions, and uses narrow cracked terrace to introduce light, wind, sound and moonlight into the architecture, wishing to find the tranquility of nature in the crowded modern life.

By Your Side

Fushun | Liaoning, China


Wu Yue, Huang Wei, Zhao Yi


The two windows in the gate make the combination of drawings, windows and walls a more specific topic. Based on this, we gathered all the windows and listed them together in the campus of Nanking University. The redrawing of the windows is closer to the actual operation of wall regeneration. Compared with the rigorous geometric shape, the uncertainty provided by sketch brings convenience and possibility for follow-up practice.

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