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Huangpu River | Shanghai, China


Wu Yue, Zhao Xinghua


Our design not only built connections on physical space through pedestrian bridge construction, jogging path and bike lanes, forming a multi-functional road, which intended to achieve an appropriate physical space environment to walk; but also made a friendly relationship in urban space between people and time. On the one hand, at the same time point, by means of science and technology such as a holographic projection system, we put different activities in the same space simultaneously over the 21km coastline, to show the variety of life, to make the "nexus" in life of different places; on the other hand, in different time points, with the image cache technology. 

Planning and Urban Design

Hyperlink City

Tainan | Taiwan


Wu Yue, Li Lijia


In a huge city, we might hide behind the crowd, and it is why the city is called a city. A city has a lot of people, an enormous amount. However, the people might still feel lonely. On the contrary, when we are in rural places, or just in a small habitat like an alley, we might never feel lonely. Modern life makes us realizing the loneliness. However, it also provides us the possibility to create friendly space, people and community.

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