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Bodrum | Bodrum, Turkey


Wu Yue, Yan Yu, Zhu Feng


A magnifier has distinguished physical features. With the distance between the observer and the object changing, the figure appears behind magnifier would correspondingly change. It experiences the stages of blur - clear - blur, representing that the hope arises while finally fades, showing that the opposite bank - the destination becomes a place out of reach forever.


A magnifier also focus the daylight, projecting facula on the beach side. It inspires different memorial behavior of people passing by.

Landscape and Interior


Shibuya | Tokyo, Japan


Wu Yue, Yan Yu, Zhu Feng

The bamboo space hanging on the urban façade is as light as lantern, which could be stored on balcony after use and be expanded to a multilayer micro space through the control of layer via pulley. The characteristics of bamboo materials—— light, beautiful and dreamy are extracted and reorganized to the bustling city cement forest, bringing a fragrance of tea, a piece of silence, a moment of thinking. People in such heterotopia space full of Zen could drink, look, meditate and cultivate themselves.

Temporal and Sustainability

Oslo | Oslo, Norway


Wu Yue

We would like to discuss the sustainability beyond architecture from this meeting point structure design. Short changes could revert to external emotions.

The temporary construction must be allowed to become an eye-catching point. We have designed this meeting center with exterior environment concept. Meanwhile, the rich internal activities are greatly reflected on it. Thus, People inside and outside the musical festival could all feel the prosperity of this annual event. 

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