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Everyday Life

Wedding Invitation | Nanjing, China


Wu Yue


We named this wedding invitation 'everyday life', aiming to list all the happiness during the life of the couple. We have imagined a scenario, a red paper is cut as a traditional Chinese letter 'Xi', the container of everyday life - the ingredients, the hot pot, the bottles and the cans are placed on it, as well as the laughter of family.  

Graphic Design

Tong Exhibition

Exhibition | Shanghai, China


Yu Tong, Wu Yue


We have noticed the Tong Effect around the university, which has led a cultural based phenomenon. Thus, we gather 30 different Tong on the billboard, the brochure and so on, wishing to raise people's love and re-introspect of our community. We also design a puzzle game of letter Tong.

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